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Why Buy From Us?

A good chandelier is a major purchase and it often helps to discuss options with experienced knowledgeable people who can help you make the right choice. We have been installing chandeliers for over thirty years, and can offer two generations of experience to help you choose the best chandelier for your project. We offer the best products at the most competitive prices in the industry today, not just in the UK but worldwide. Here are a few examples of what separates us from most other chandelier retailers, online or otherwise.

- We have the very best returns policy. We do not have caveats or quibble clauses in our returns policy, it is very simple. If the chandelier you receive from us is not the chandelier you ordered and we promised; or the quality of any part is inferior to that promised for any reason, we change it. What you get is exactly what we said you would get as the very minimum. In most cases we exceed our promises.

- We have the widest choice of chandeliers, wall lights, table lamps and floor lamps offered anywhere in Europe, including: traditional crystal, Murano style glass, coloured glass, coloured crystal and Italian Designer Lighting.

- We offer a full range of accessories including crystal, bulbs, hoists, drip trays, lamp shades and more.

- We do not try and manufacture every kind of chandelier in one factory. Every one of our almost limitless range of chandeliers is manufactured by specialists in the required style.

- We do not expect our artisans to be jackís of all trades. We prefer to use people who are experts at what they do, because they are specialists and have been doing it most of their lives. In this way, we ensure our customers get the very best in style, craftsmanship and materials according to their choice.

- We offer all our customers a choice of crystal for their chandelier. If they require the very best, then we offer that as a choice. 30% lead crystal or even higher. We also offer all our customers the option of a more standard crystal with a lower lead content where budget constraints demand the cost is kept down. We always ensure that the crystal used on our chandeliers is the very best available for the lead content required.

- We will always send samples of crystal to our prospective customers, so they can see exactly the quality of crystal to be used, and then make an educated decision as to what crystal suits their needs in accordance with their requirements and budget.

- We do not try to buy kudos by joining obscure associations to try and bolster our credibility with potential customers. We prefer to stand by our own reputation, our guarantee of quality, our no quibble returns policy, and the quality of the products we supply. We have never let a customer down, and we never will. We have hundreds of testimonials from previous customers to prove it.

- We provide a complete design service for all our customers. More than 50% of the chandeliers we supply are one off made to order bespoke chandeliers. We work with our clients to ensure they get exactly the chandelier/s they need for the space it will embellish.

- We do not waste money printing a pointless catalogue. Every chandelier displayed on our website can be manufactured in a variety of ways, using a variety of materials, in an almost infinite choice of size. To produce a catalogue would simply be an exercise in waste and futility. It would also probably be too heavy to lift.

- Our website offers a huge range of styles and sizes designed to act as inspiration to our customers and stimulate their imagination. We do not expect most of our customers will order directly from the site, but rather expect our customers to be pedantic and specify exactly what they want having received inspiration from what theyíve seen on the website.

- We welcome customers with imagination, and a clear idea of what they want. We see our role as one of satisfying our customers. Not selling them something from a limited range of options.

- We have supplied chandeliers to almost every country in the world on every continent, (with the exception of Antarctica) including: Australia, Switzerland, France, Germany, Thailand, The UK, Canada, The USA, Italy, South Africa, Kenya, Nigeria, Greece, Cyprus, Spain, Ireland, and many more. Our chandeliers are to be found in some of the most prestigious places, including hundreds of homes worldwide, places of worship, Chataux, Manor Houses, nightclubs, hotels, restaurants, and public buildings.

- We never publish the names of our customers in an attempt to use their faith in us to curry new customers by dint of name dropping. Suffice it to say, we are happy to make the claims we do, and we can prove it. Our customers include business people, VIPís, celebrities, politicians, diplomats and every conceivable profession. Our customerís are jealous of their privacy, and we always respect it.

- We offer a complete fitting service for all our chandeliers, where we ensure that not only are our products fitted and installed properly. Our fitting service not only comes with our guarantee of quality, but we are also fully insured. So, if a disaster should occur, you have the security of knowing you donít have to rely solely on our goodwill, we are fully backed up by our insurance company.

- We offer the best and most suitable remotely operated electric hoists available in the industry today, at prices far lower than even manually operated inferior hoists offered by our competition, and we do not charge to install the hoist if we are installing it along with the chandelier.

- We offer free global shipping for all our products, and should any part of the chandelier be damaged in transit, we will replace it without quibble.

- Finally, we are happy to visit any site, anywhere in the world, to discuss any project large or small and give honest frank and impartial advice to any potential client. All we ask is that our expenses are covered by the client, which could include travelling, hotels, related costs etc.

- We are always ready to help. You donít have to be one of our customers to obtain help and advice on any matter related to chandeliers. We always try to be helpful and friendly. Chandeliers isnít our business, people who like chandeliers are.

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