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Fitting Service

Fitting a chandelier requires a certain amount of expertise - electricians know how to fit electrical parts but have no special training on assembling large chandeliers. For this reason, in an attempt to assist our customers as best we can, we offer a fitting service for chandeliers purchased from our site.

It is important that there is sufficient room for our fitters to work and that most building work is completed before the chandelier is installed (to eliminate the risk of dust settling on the crystal after it is fitted and thereby reducing the sparkle). A large chandelier takes quite a lot of power dependent upon the number of bulbs used and whether low energy or not. We do not install the power supply, but we will give full and complete instructions regarding the load, switching, breaker and wire required to operate the chandelier safely. It is then up to the customer to ensure that adequate tails are present for the chandelier to be connected to before our fitters arrive on site.

We strongly recommend that large chandeliers are connected to a remotely operated electric hoist specifically designed for the job which will hold the weight (which can be considerable) safely for an indeterminate length of time. We can supply and fit such a hoist, and are always ready to discuss this option with our customers. When fitting a hoist with one of our chandeliers, the fitting of the hoist is carried out free of charge.

The use of a properly installed electric hoist will lead to significant savings in labour costs and eliminate the need for scaffolding or working platforms when it comes to servicing and maintaining the chandelier. Light bulbs, even the long life low energy type, do not last forever. A hoist will radically reduce the labour costs when it comes to changing light bulbs and cleaning your chandelier.

The service we offer includes:

  • Delivery of the chandelier/s
  • Provision and assembly of scaffold or steps/ladders, working platform
  • The expertise to assemble the chandelier/s as required
  • Install suitable fixing points on the ceiling
  • Supply and fit the correct remotely operated electric hoist if required
  • Assemble and fix the chandelier to your requirements
  • Make the ceiling good once installation is complete
  • Clear up after ourselves
  • You will have peace of mind in the knowledge that the chandelier/s will be assembled properly, work properly, will not be broken during installation, and will stay on the ceiling as they are supposed to for the life of the building if necessary.

    For smaller chandeliers, we would strongly recommend that you employ the services of a good local electrician who should be more than adequately qualified and experienced to fit a small chandelier properly, and will almost certainly cost less than we are compelled to charge because he is local.

    Our Charges (mainland UK only):

    Assembling and fitting a medium chandelier is usually at least a two man job and will usually take most of a full day. The larger the chandelier becomes, the more men it needs and the longer it takes. Assembling and fitting a very large chandelier could easily need four men for a full week and involve the use of significant fixing brackets, secondary beams etc. For this reason each job is quoted individually.

    Ceiling Rose:

    If you require a ceiling rose, we can also supply this. An extensive selection of ceiling roses can bo found on our Plaster Moulding website. A link to which is provided below.

    For a range of Bonds ceiling roses, please follow the link below:

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